Our team includes you.

From feasibility to approvals, procurement and project management, we work with you.

Our involvement in a project often commences at the early feasibility and brief development stages, extending through documentation and contract administration periods of the building works. If needed, we will work on complex authority approval issues or consult on alternatives in building procurement methods.

We aim to give you the right solutions to the building you need, with sound project management a keen eye for functional design and efficiency in delivery. Together we execute a process that’s built on open and timely communication, collaboration and inclusiveness.

We believe strongly in the ideas behind our designs and are passionate about seeing them come to life. We work in an open studio environment where ideas, experience and knowledge are shared in order to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

We welcome you to join us in designing and delivering an inspirational idea.

Tom Bergstrom

Director, Architect

Ania Bergstrom

Director, Architect

Tim Keir

Director, Architect

Cecille Cura

Associate Architecture

Barry Monaghan

Associate Architecture

Elliot Oxley

Associate Architecture

Martin Gibson

Associate Architecture

Annabelle Madigan

Associate Interior Designer

Hamid Tahvil

Associate Architectecture

Richard Lee

Associate Architecture

Altaf Khan

Associate Architecture

Jo Anderson

Business Manager